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We provide services such as engineering services for individuals, businesses, small businesses and neighborhoods, because we have a multidisciplinary team of engineers in various fields, as well as financial and lawyers with a highly of professional. We provide the knowledge required in each of the projects entrusted, mainly developing the following functions:

  • A.- Project managementOpen or Close
    The comprehensive project management or project management includes:
    - Feasibility studies technical and economic project.
    - Technical advice to the property for the project definition.
    - Monitoring of relations with the various administrative agencies.
    - Implementation of project design and facilities for bidding.
    - Preparation of documents for legalization of their facilities and works.
    - Planning time and cost of the project.
    - Advising and management in hiring professional installers and participating in the works.
    - Documentation management.
    - Managing licenses and permits.
    - Purchasing and Contracting.
    - Management and technical and financial management of the facility.
    - Building Management and Control.
    - Technical advice.
    - Maintenance of Assets.
    - Building Maintenance, Estates.
    - Economic and Technical Presentations for competitions.
  • B.- ReportsOpen or Close
    Thanks to the team of people with whom we do business and the extensive experience that precedes them can ensure the realization of a correct and expertise developed both buildings and facilities that may subsequently be used as evidence in court. Advising the client at all times the viability of claims for damages or existing pathologies,

    Performing technical reports, collecting writing the circumstances observed in the recognition rates, buildings, documents, etc., Or examination of the issue under consideration, with technical explanations, economic, etc.
  • C.- GraphicsOpen or Close
    Drawings and design, translations, 2D and 3D, renders, SIC,…
  • D.- Product design, R & D Open or Close
    Ingenieros y Energía carries out other work lines as the development of products that respect the environment, research and development of new technologies and new forms of alternative energy jobs.

    We want to be an active part of the future and we dedicate part of this innovation. In this sense, our broadcast highlights the use of new expectations in clean energy generation and consumption and / or Net Balance and solar cooling projects and hydrogen fuel cells. We work to identify potential partners interested in energy innovation, with which we develop joint collaborative initiatives. By field of energy innovation joins the design consultancy and bioclimatic architecture throughout Europe and South America.
  • E.- TrainingOpen or Close
    Ingenieros y Energía strongly believes in the transmission of knowledge and therefore moved our engineering expertise in the energy and industrial sector in the form of courses, seminars, conferences and training events of different kinds.

    To do this, we have a multidisciplinary team of specialist teachers in renewable energy, energy sector, environment, management of the integrated water cycle, etc.

    Many large companies, government, rural development groups, unions, etc. who have relied on our training services.

    Training modalities:
    -Classroom Training: Training through seminars and courses tailored to the concerns of the participants, usually in small groups of people, to encourage the exchange of ideas and learning.
    -E-Learning Training. Online Training Campus: Through our team, we design the training, the virtualized, and direct follow-up in order to achieve the learning objectives. -Up to you: We offer a range of training, designed and sequenced to solve educational problems of our customers by combining classroom training with the use of the virtual campus.

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