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Ingenieros y Energía provides services on environmental engineering, offering knowledge to public and private customers and environmental consulting services.

Our Environmental Area includes:

  • A.- Environmental reportsOpen or Close
    Ingenieros y Energía studies each project form an environmental responsible point of view and we offer our services to provide Environmental Impact Reports of every project our customers need.
  • B.- Landscape studiesOpen or Close
    Certain facilities or infrastructures require such studies in order to protect, manage and plan the landscape. We aim to quantify the quality of the natural resource by measuring the impacts caused by the modification and establishment of the project, designing and suggesting corrective actions to minimize the effects.
  • C.- Specific worksOpen or Close
    We can assit our customers in the conformity to specific laws and local requirements..
  • D.- OutsourcingOpen or Close
    Just think on us when you need an Environmental Department without the need of setting it up at your company.
  • E.- Waste managementOpen or Close
    Ingenieros y Energía has developed projects for the construction of waste management plants, landfills, transfer facilities and waste storage, hazardous and non-hazardous.

    We arrange and elaborate the necessary projects and perform feasibility analysis, design, basic and detailed engineering, resource analysis of raw materials, logistics plans, drafting of civil works and installations, procedures, supervision and direction of work, health and safety coordination and implementation.
  • F.- Water managementOpen or Close
    Ingenieros y Energía is increasingly aware of the efficient use of water, so we recommend the use of new technologies and improved practices that provide equal or better services with less water. Therefore, our technicians are able to optimize the use of water by performing a detailed study of the plant and preparing the audit report, applying good both industrial and commercial facilities.

    Spreading in the business both behavioral practices, which are based on behavioral change in water use, and applying engineering practices, practices that are based on changes in pipes, fittings or operating procedures in the procurement of water. These past practices or measures to achieve efficient water use can be categorized into three types:

    - Reduction of losses
    - Reduction of water use in general
    - Apply water reuse practices

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