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Ingenieros y Energía has highly qualified, trained engineers and architects and available resources for the design and development building construction, and can perform overall project management entrusted. We provide technical solutions to specific needs in each case.

Our construction area includes:

  • A.- Civil worksOpen or Close
    Ingenieros y Energía can design and develop of all types of engineering projects for civil works. Our work ranges from planning and basic reports to address technical and overall project management.

    Our projects can include road design, calculation and dimensioning of structures (shipbuilding, studies of forces and loads on roofs ...), and hydrological studies of flooding, etc. In addition, we provide technical solutions to specific needs that may arise in projects elsewhere.
  • B.- Buildings: Commercial, industrial, housingOpen or Close
    Ingenieros y Energía chas professionals trained as engineers and architects, highly qualified, specialized in the world of building, seeking the best solution. Our philosophy is to analyze, from the beginning and throughout its development, the projects together, from the different perspectives of each subject technologies.

    Our projects deal with all types of buildings: residential, industrial, commercial centers, hotels, offices, garages, spas and resorts, etc.
  • C.- City planningOpen or Close
    Ingenieros y Energía INGENIEROS Y ENERGÍA has extensive experience in design and management of development projects, both in the design phase and in the legalization and construction management, in collaboration with government and ⁄ or property developers.

    With the various services and urban infrastructure necessary:

    - Topography.
    - Roads: Driveways and sidewalks.
    - Supply of drinking and industrial water.
    - Stormwater Networks Treatment.
    - High Voltage and transformers.
    - Low Voltage Network.
    - Street lighting.
    - Gas network.
    - Telephone network.
    - Irrigation network.
    - Gardening.
  • D.- Structures designOpen or Close
    Ingenieros y Energía offers services related to the study, design and calculation of structures and industrial buildings, both new construction and the existing one. Our experience covers all types of structural systems, either reinforced concrete work, steel or wood structures.
  • E.- InstallationsOpen or Close
    Ingenieros y Energía Making and / or supervision of different technical projects for facilities needed for new buildings, renovations of commercial and industry, for consumers and ⁄ or private developers and builders.

    Offering services for the implementation of projects and project managers of the facilities:

    - High Voltage: Substations, Center for Energy Delivery, Transformer, Airlines, Ground.
    - Low voltage installations: lines, switchboards and secondary grounding, lighting.
    - HVAC.
    - Plumbing and Sewage.
    - Fire Protection.
    - Gas: Regulating and Metering Stations, internal networks, suply.
    - Other Fuels.
    - Compressed air systems.
    - IT.

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